Pete Molinari

Pete Molinari
Friday 12th April 2013
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"One of the most distinctive voices of his generation"
Phil Alexander, Editor, Mojo

"Molinari clearly has an ear for the classic verities of soulful country music as sharp as practised aficionados of the craft as Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello"
Allan Jones, Editor, Uncut

"Pete Molinari could sing the f*****g Yellow Pages and make it sound cool"
Richard Hawley

Chatham born and bred, Pete Molinari's Maltese, Italian and Egyptian blood, sartorially sharp style and early love for the work of Billie Holliday, Jack Kerouac, Coltrane and Leadbelly set him apart from his peers. Today, he's seen as one of Britain's finest country, blues and rock 'n' roll singers.

Early in his career, he gravitated to New York's Greenwich Village where, like forefathers Dylan, Guthrie and Ochs before him, he cut his teeth in the clubs and bars. His return to England saw him begin his recording career in earnest in 2006. After three perfectly formed and critically acclaimed albums, his latest opus is his most assured, diverse and richest album yet, embracing new collaborations and new ideas.

"Theosophy" sits at that point where, as Muddy Waters put it, the blues had a baby and they called it rock 'n' roll. Here soul, country, blues and rockabilly collide in perfect symbiosis. The songs tell tales of life, love, literature and compact the singer/songwriter's many decades of musical influences and his globe-spanning, wandering lifestyle down into a collection that is as uplifting as it lush, as classic-sounding as it is contemporary-minded. The open road beckons once again for Pete Molinari!